2019 60th Scoutmasters Camporee memorabilia

2019 Chief Jeanine Kinsey2019. Jeanine Kinsey whose theme was High Flying Adventures in Scouting. The 60th Anniversary of our event celebrated three firsts: the first woman chief, the first spouse of a chief to also serve, and the addition of girls to the Scouts BSA program. Included in over 2000 attendees were members from 4 brand new girl troops and several female Cub Scouts.

An important part of the program has always been the "outing."  Jeanine has always had a passion for the High Adventure programs and knew how much our older Scouts enjoy those activities as well.  She also knew that she had to come up with something that our younger Scouts could enjoy since they are not old enough to do the High Adventure activities yet, but they do love to learn about flying things.  Therefore, the High Adventure portion of the program was for the Scouts BSA, Venturers and older youth, and the Flying Adventures portion was for the Cub Scouts and younger youth.

"I have enjoyed attending the Scoutmasters Camporee since I first brought my Scouts in 1999, and I am honored to have been chosen as the Camporee Chief for the 60th Anniversary."

2019 Scoutmasters Camporee patch