2020 Scoutmasters 61st Camporee Memorabilia

2020. SCOTT MARTINIE. I have always been athletic and that is what I wanted to challenge the Scouts to. I chose to bring back the fun of being outdoors with The “S Games” including an obstacle course and Gaga Pit for both Scouts and Cub Scouts. I didn’t expect the Scouts to get an extra challenge by Mother Nature with all the rain. The weather brought rain and that increased the difficulty of the obstacle course but gave them greater experience in the Gaga Pits, Mud Bowl 2020. The Scouts had a great time getting all muddy and dirty. The rain let up enough to do an abbreviated Arena Show. Fun was had by all even with all the rain. It was great to have my family by my side with all their help. It was a great experience to have my daughter as the Jr Chief, Emily Martinie, who did a great job. All the volunteers did a Fantastic job under her influence. I look forward to a lifelong commitment to helping my future Chiefs!


2020 61st Camporee patch
2020 Camporee patch

2020 service corps patch
2020 service corps patch


2020 Camporee staff patch
2020 staff patch

2020 blood donor patch
2020 blood donor patch

2020 Camporee mug
2020 mug

2020 pin
2020 hat pin

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