South Florida Council's Scoutmasters Camporee

The 63rd annual Scoutmasters Camporee will be held on February 17-19, 2023

Theme for 2023: Honoring a Tradition, Beginning a Legacy, with A Quarter Century of Scouting

Chief: Jose Kudja

This is the website for the Scoutmasters Camporee Committee of the South Florida Council, Boy Scouts of America.

Patch designs need to be submitted by September 15. See the flyer for details: 2023_SCOUTMASTERS_CAMPOREE_PATCH_DESIGN_COMPETITION.pdf

See the Camporee Announcements page for the latest details and new events. Join our email list to get important notices about the Camporee.

Campsite registration as of 02/11/2022: 2022 SMCC Site list as of 2022-02-11. Campsite layout map: 2022_SMCC_Site_Map_2022-01-242022_SMCC_Site_Map_zoomed_2022-02-04

Sites are large enough to hold 20 tents. Tentaroo registration instructions

• Campsites are $20 per Site. This is a non-refundable Registration Fee and does not include any participant fees.   
• All Campsites are large enough to accommodate a unit of 40 Scouts and Scouters. No unit can reserve more than one (1) Campsite without the permission of the registration Vice Chief.   
• Units must select a site in the assigned area for their unit type, and only one unit may register per site.
• In-site Port-o-lets are $75 each and must be reserved and paid for by January 31st, 2023.
• Reserved campsites not occupied by 8:00 PM, Friday may be reassigned to another unit at our discretion.

Per person fee:

  • On-Time Camper w/patch - $20 per person registration fee must be paid by January 31st.
  • Late Registration Camper w/patch - $25 per person from February 1st, 2023 on.
  • Day Visitors w/patch - $10 per person  
  • Non-Scout Parent Day Visitor - $7 option (does not include a patch.)

Camporee booklet: 3rd and final version of the 2022 Camporee booklet can be viewed/downloaded: 2022 Camporee booklet v1.3

Camporee booklets back to 2005 are available on the History page. The Camporee theme is linked to the booklet.

Scoutmasters Camporee forms

These forms are form field enabled meaning they can be filled out on a computer and then print the completed form. The cursor will change to an I bar when placed over a field. Click in any field to move the cursor there. Pressing "tab" will advance one field; "shift" + "tab" to go back one field.
Roster of unit participants - PDF - form field enabled
Parking ID


Aerial photo from the 2012 camporee:

2012 camporee aerial view