South Florida Council's Scoutmasters Camporee

The 62nd annual Scoutmasters Camporee will be held on February 18-20, 2022

Theme for 2022: Sustainability and Inclusion

Chief: Al Garver

This is the website for the Scoutmasters Camporee Committee of the South Florida Council, Boy Scouts of America.

2022 Scoutmasters Camporee Chief Al Garver explaining theme.

Where do you find the 17 parts mentioned in the video? At Scouts for Sustainable Goals.

Chief Al Garver and his grandaughter explaining four SDG's introduction

See the Camporee Announcements page for the latest details and new events (patch design contest has been updated.) Join our email list to get important notices about the Camporee.

The 2022 Scoutmasters Camporee is asking all units that reserve a campsite to consider selecting one of the 17 SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) and find an Association (i.e., Elks Clubs), NGO (Non-Governmental Organization such as Red Cross), or Company (i.e., Amazon) that are helping meet SDG goals.

Campsite registration as of 10/01/2021: 2022 SMCC Site list as of 2021-11-14. Campsite layout map: 2022_SMCC_campsite_map_2021-11-14.pdf2022 SMCC site map zoomed.pdf

Registration for 2022 is open:  Sites are large enough to hold 20 tents.

To fulfill the "Inclusion" part of the 2022 theme, we are asking you to add information to your gateway about a SDG partner and / or display a service project that you did with them.

Once you have an idea of which SDG partner you're looking at (maybe two or three choices) please use the contact form to email your list to the Camporee Chief so that we can make sure there are no duplicates. We will confirm approval of your selection and add it to the registration spreadsheet posted on this site so that others know you have claimed that group.

Once you receive confirmation, please send more information: Name Organization, Address, Contacts, email, Phone # etc. We would like to develop a resource list for units that would like to do a service project with these groups in the future.

You may promote Local, Regional, National, or International groups.  For example, if there is a Broward and a Miami-Dade chapter of an organization, those would count as 2 different organizations.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours in Scouting,
Alberto Garver
2022 SMCC Chief

Camporee booklets back to 2005 are available on the History page. The Camporee theme is linked to the booklet.

Scoutmasters Camporee forms

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Roster of unit participants - PDF - form field enabled
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Aerial photo from the 2012 camporee:

2012 camporee aerial view